Czech Republic
  • EU Member
  • AA-
    Fitch Ratings
  • GDP Growth (2020) : -5,8%
Priority to financing of Czech supplies to IBEC member states’ markets
Servicing operations of Czech companies in consistence with Strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030
Focus on the priorities identified in the country’s ‘Map of Global Industry Opportunities’
Statistics (31.12.2021)
€ 5 094
Credit portfolio (EUR thous.)
€ 1 207
Documentary portfolio (EUR thous.)
€ 22 810
Securities portfolio (EUR thous.)
Number of projects


According to the strategy, the main goal of IBEC's activities in relation to the Czech Republic will be, among other things, to expand foreign economic contacts of Czech companies with counterparties from countries outside the European Union, as well as to promote sectoral diversification of exports in accordance with the country's strategic priorities.
Assistance in increasing the volume of foreign trade of the Czech Republic with countries outside the EU - first of all, Russia, Mongolia and Vietnam, as well as third countries.
Assistance to the sectoral diversification of exports and imports in accordance with the strategic priorities for the development of the country's foreign economic activity.
Support for SMEs.
Development of a network of partners on the Czech market (financial institutions, non-profit and government structures, national development institutions).

Interaction of IBEC with state bodies of Czech Republic

OBJECTIVES of the IBEC’s work with state bodies: Bilateral interaction with the target audience — informing it about the work and plans of the IBEC, as well as obtaining and analyzing relevant information from the target audience in accordance with the business profile and initiatives of the Bank, using such information in the Bank’s work to develop its activities, in particular, by implementing new projects in order to fulfill the IBEC mission.
PRINCIPLES of the IBEC's work with government bodies
Adherence to ethical behavior, honesty and responsibility in its activities. Strict adherence to the IBEC Code of Corporate Ethics
Compliance of actions with legitimate business goals, the interests of the Bank, subject to the requirements of the laws of the country of the counterparty. IBEC takes all reasonable measures to ensure that positions presented to the Bank’s governing bodies are based on factual data and not on opinions
Accountability and oversight
Mandatory coordination of goals and approaches to working with contacts, as well as planning activities and regular reporting to the Bank’s management
The responsible division of IBEC plays a key role in ensuring consistency of all work with contacts carried out on behalf of the Bank or in connection with its objectives
IBEC speaks openly about the guiding principles, goals, policies and procedures for its work with contacts in government agencies
Key partners for the implementation of the IBEC Country Strategy in Czech Republic:
  • Ministries and Departments;
  • Diplomatic missions;
  • Trade representations;
  • Intergovernmental commissions;
  • TeamCzechia;
  • Czech Trade Support Agency (CzechTrade);
  • CzechInvest;
  • Czech Association of Exporters;
  • Czech Economic Chamber.
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