International Bank for Economic Co-operation (IBEC) is a multilateral financial institution whose purpose is to promote the development of the economies of the Bank's member countries, foreign economic relations between economic entities of the member countries, as well as the expansion of their foreign trade relations with counterparties from other countries.

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IBEC Mission
Support the economic prosperity of member countries by building linkages between intra- and interregional trade operations and financing projects that contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Development strategy
The medium-term development strategy of IBEC for the period 2021–2025, in continuation of the successful transformation and modernization of the Bank that began in mid-2018 is focused on the principle of "growth for stability"
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IBEC in figures
€400 mln
Authorized capital
Paid-in capital EUR 200 million
IBEC Statuses
Member countries
The geography of IBEC shareholders covers the countries of the Asian region
Member states IBEC
€245 mln
Development portfolio (as of 30.06.2023)
Financing the development of foreign trade and priority sectors of the economies of the IBEC member countries
IBEC has a two-tier corporate governance structure. The Council is the supreme governing body responsible for general management of the Bank's activities. The Management Board is an executive body directly managing the operational activities of the Bank within the powers granted to it by the Charter and in accordance with the decisions of the Council of the Bank.
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The main goal of IBEC is to promote economic cooperation and development of the economies of the Bank's member states. IBEC intends not only to support already established foreign economic relations between the member countries, but also to develop new ones.
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