Implementing one of the key objectives of the Bank's mission, IBEC provides a full range of services for the settlement and management of funds in the accounts of companies.
One of the unique features of IBEC that distinguishes it from other development banks is settlement and cash services and management of funds on accounts. Maintenance of settlements in various currencies, currency control services, conversion operations, placement of free funds in deposits and other services that ensure a high level of the company's activities.
Opening and maintenance of accounts
IBEC provides a full range of services for opening and maintaining settlement accounts for companies in rubles and other currencies, as well as special pledge accounts. Making settlements with counterparties using non-cash money transfers.
E-banking system
E-banking system based on web technologies.
Currency control
Set of currency control services.
Fixed-term deposits
A simple and profitable tool for increasing your company's free funds.
Foreign exchange
Conversion operations for various currency pairs.
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