Loans to corporate borrowers include financial instruments to support exporters and importers, including SMEs that are residents of the IBEC member countries, as well as companies implementing integration or local projects / transactions.

Direct financing is IBEC primary loan product allowing the Bank to provide flexible, targeted and tailored support for the client and its needs. With the help of direct financing from the IBEC you will be able to ensure necessary funds for your business needs, be it project financing, working capital financing, contract financing and other needs.

Loan Terms

When conducting Credit Operations, the Bank is guided by the following principles:

  • compliance of the credit operation with the statutory goals and strategic objectives of the Bank;
  • compliance of the credit operation with international banking practice;
  • the priority of supporting economic entities of the member countries of the Bank;
  • compliance principles;
  • reliable reputation of the borrower, his solvency, stable financial position and absence of overdue obligations;
  • providing the Bank with proper collateral.

The Bank does not support the following activities:

  • activities prohibited by international regulatory legal acts, regardless of the participation in them of the Bank's member countries;
  • activities that have signs of legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism;
  • activities related to the production and trade of tobacco products, strong alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • activities related to the organization and maintenance of gambling establishments;
  • activities related to the production and sale of weapons, or intermediary activities for its implementation;
  • activities related to charity or other types of unregulated non-commercial activity;
  • activities of political organizations and movements.

Lending terms

  • Borrower: resident of the IBEC member country.
  • In exceptional cases, financing of a non-resident of the Bank's member state may be considered, but the transaction is subject to approval by the IBEC Council.
  • Amount: up to EUR 40 million.
  • Term: up to 15 years.
  • Collateral for the transaction: determined individually.

Key industries:

  1. Non-commodity export / import.
  2. Development projects / transactions (including, but not limited to, medicine, pharmaceuticals, high-tech equipment, renewable energy and green finance, innovation, IT and telecommunications).
  3. Integration projects (including, but not limited to, infrastructure, logistics, etc.).
  4. Social projects / transactions (including, but not limited to water supply, food security, etc.).
Project financing and business development financing
With the help of a non-revolving long-term credit line, the borrower can finance an investment project on individual terms, allowing to minimize its risks.
Working capital loan
A short- and medium-term revolving credit line is aimed at closing cash gaps arising for the borrower and allows ensuring the continuity of its settlements with suppliers and buyers.
Contract financing
Financing works that the borrower has to perform under a particular contract with a third-party buyer of goods and/or services.
Co-financing and syndicated financing
Co-financing and syndicated financing allows you to create a synergistic effect through the participation of several lenders and allows you to implement large investment projects or transactions. The Bank is currently involved in syndicated lending transactions as a creditor bank.
Supply Chain Finance
This short-term revolving line of credit is intended for large clients with a complex web of suppliers that wish to extend the due dates of their accounts payable, while allowing their suppliers to narrow their own cash flow gaps.
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Business process
Credit and documentary products
Aplication to IBEC (indicating the type of instrument, amount and term of the operation, details of the participants)
Analysis of the application, indicative terms and conditions, request for more information (if necessary)
Negotiation of indicative conditions, provision of information (if requested)
Approval of the transaction by the Bank and the Client
Documentation execution (including security documents)
Deal implementation
Other products
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