IBEC signed the Code of Conduct in the Russian financial market

The International Bank for Economic Co-operation has joined the Code of Conduct for stock market participants. The declaration of accession was signed by the Chairman of the Board Denis Ivanov and the member of the Board Thinh Thi Hong.

The Code is the result of a joint initiative of the Bank of Russia, self-regulatory organizations in the financial market, companies of the Moscow Exchange group, as well as companies conducting trading and clearing operations on the Moscow Exchange platform. The document is posted on the official website of PJSC Moscow Exchange.

The purpose of the Code is to develop and maintain good practice standards, and as a result, to promote favorable investment environment in the Russian financial market. Among the key principles on which the document is based are honesty, transparency, fairness, protection, customer care, professionalism, accountability, and integrity. The Code gives considerable attention to ensuring security of confidential information and its authorized usage by all market participants.

The spirit and content of the document fully comply with the strategic principles of IBEC activities, business principles, approaches to risk management, and compliance policy.

By joining the document, IBEC confirmed its adherence to best corporate practices and business ethics.

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