Operations in other countries
In addition to its activities in its member states, IBEC carries out transactions with counterparties of other states to support export-import transactions and integration projects of the member states.

The main condition is the participation in the transaction of a resident of the IBEC member country.

We are constantly expanding our geography of operations and will be glad to work with new partners.
IBEC actively works with financial institutions — partners from the CIS countries, as well as regional development banks.

Export-import transactions, as well as projects with the participation of residents of the IBEC member countries are accepted for consideration.

Transactions are carried out with the assumption of risk for financial institutions. The main products are letters of credit, guarantees, interbank reimbursement. Credit products (for example, a loan to the buyer’s bank), as well as syndicated financing, can also be used to support the exports of the participating countries.
IBEC works with leading European and international banking groups and corporate clients.

In the European member states, IBEC accepts risks both for corporate clients and financial institutions. In other EU countries, IBEC is ready to consider projects, but on the principle of accepting risk primarily for financial institutions and subject to participation in transactions and projects of residents of the IBEC member countries.

IBEC cooperates with major European banks in various areas of activity: from treasury operations and settlement business to trade and syndicated financing.
The Asian direction is one of the priorities for IBEC.

The Asian region as part of the IBEC member countries is represented by such countries as Mongolia and Vietnam. The Bank actively cooperates with financial institutions and companies of these countries, and also actively expands the geography of business in the Asian direction in the interests of its clients and partners.

Conditions for working in other countries

In addition to its activities in the member countries, IBEC carries out transactions with counterparties of other states to support export-import transactions and integration projects of the member countries.
Purpose — export / import from / to the IBEC member countries
Local project in the IBEC member country or with the participation of the IBEC member country
In member countries, IBEC takes risks on corporate clients and financial institutions, in other countries — mainly on financial institutions

Completed projects

Implementation of operations in the IBEC member countries

The IBEC’s place in the dynamically renewing system of international economic relations is the center for servicing foreign trade of the bank’s member countries. In accordance with its mandate, IBEC provides financing for foreign trade operations of the member countries.
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