A guarantee from an international bank with investment ratings is a competitive advantage when participating in a tender or negotiating on the terms of a contract with your partner. In addition, a guarantee can be issued as collateral to obtain more attractive credit terms.

IBEC issues guarantees / counter-guarantees both to support foreign economic activity and within the framework of local transactions / projects.
Bank guarantees are issued:

  • to secure the obligations of partner banks on loans and letters of credit;
  • to secure the obligations of corporate companies, including non-residents of the IBEC member countries under counter-guarantees of partner banks.
Product features
Payment guarantees under contracts or loan agreements
Advance payment refund guarantees
Contract performance guarantees
Tender guarantees
Stand-by Letter of Credit


Wide range of application options
IBEC issues guarantees and counter-guarantees, including stand-by letters of credit, for the maximum range of operations, both to support foreign economic activity and within the framework of local transactions / projects. Guarantees are issued on behalf of partner banks or corporate clients.
Guarantee from the IFO with investment grade ratings
A guarantee from a reliable bank with investment ratings has a positive effect on the possibility to conclude a contract on good terms. In addition, the beneficiary can accept the IBEC guarantee directly without involving other intermediary banks, which reduces the cost of servicing the guarantee.
Terms of provision
Participation of a resident of the IBEC member country in the transaction.
A limit set for a partner bank (in case of no limit set, IBEC may carry out procedures to set the limit).
Conducting compliance procedures for the transaction for the parties of the transaction, incl. exporter and importer.
Provision of information at the request of the IBEC about the main transaction in which a guarantee is required.
Guarantees are subject to UDRG or Russian law.
Standby letters of credit are subject to ISP98
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