If financing is provided to a partner bank under insurance coverage of export credit agencies, the borrower can get comfortable terms of a credit transaction on competitive terms.
We provide you with the following opportunities: consideration of medium-term and long-term transactions, implementation of large investment projects and foreign trade contracts of your clients using credit insurance mechanisms and other instruments from local ECAs.
Features of financing under ECA insurance coverage
Possibility of obtaining long-term financing on favorable terms
The transaction must comply with the ECA requirements of the supplier’s country


Expertise and consultation at all stages of structuring and implementation of the transaction
The bank has experience of interaction with ECAs of various countries and is ready to provide assistance throughout the entire process — from the approval of your client’s draft contract to the successful completion of the transaction
Long terms of financing
Depending on the supplied goods, the chosen product and the conditions of insurance, the financing terms may vary up to 7 years or more
Possibility of financing ECA premium (up to 100%) and a certain share of local costs
The possibility is determined by the insurance rules of the respective ECA and the terms of a particular transaction
Terms of provision
Participation of a resident of the IBEC member country in the transaction
Conducting compliance procedures for the transaction for the parties of the transaction, incl. exporter and importer
Provision of the contract copy, as well as related documents (depending on the terms of the transaction).
Signing of the loan and any other documentation
If neccessary (depending on the deal structure) — a limit set for the counterparty’s financial institution
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