Slovak online media portal «Finančné noviny»: The International Bank for Economic Co-operation has received two awards from the British media portal Global Banking & Finance Review

The International Bank for Economic Co-operation (IBEC) is a multilateral development bank whose purpose is to support the development of the economies of the Bank's member countries, foreign economic relations between business entities of member countries, as well as expanding their foreign trade relations with counterparties from other countries.

IBEC became the winner in the nominations  "Banking CEO of the Year Eastern Europe 2021" and "Best Trade Finance Bank Eastern Europe 2021". The Global Banking & Finance Review Award has been given since 2011 and aims to highlight best business practices in the financial sector. IBEC, which at the end of last year embarked on the implementation of the new Development Strategy for the years 2021 - 2025, is constantly increasing the volume of operations, developing product lines and the quality of services provided.

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