The Bank has a two-tier corporate governance structure in place, with the Council as the highest governing body performing general management of the Bank's activities, and the Management Board as an executive body directly managing the operational activities of the Bank within the powers granted to it by the Statutes and in accordance with the decisions of the Council.
The Council and the Management Board of the Bank consist of representatives of all member countries of the Bank. Members of the IBEC Council are appointed by the governments of the member countries of the Bank. The Management Board consists of the Chairman and Members of the Management Board, appointed from citizens of all member countries of the Bank. In order to have the Bank’s activities periodically audited, the IBEC has an Audit Committee, a collegial body accountable to the Council. The work of the Management Board is supported by specialised committees.
The highest decision-making body that is responsible for matters concerning the Bank’s policies and activities
Heads of delegation
Lyudmila Petkova
Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria
Republic of Bulgaria
Nguyen Thi Hong
Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Javkhlan Bold
Minister of Finance of Mongolia
Adam Glapinski
President of Narodowy Bank Polski
Republic of Poland
Timur Maksimov
Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Alin Marius Andries
State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of Romania
Martin Polonyi
Director General of the Section of International Relations of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
The Slovak Republic
Roman Binder
Deputy Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
For representatives of Member States
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