International Bankfor EconomicCo-operation

UN-registered intergovernmental development financial institution

to economic growth and sustainable development of member states
trade and economic co-operation and integration among member states and beyond
interregional trade and assisting in expansion to new markets
IBEC – multilateral development institution
Development Focus
IBEC develops member states’ national economies by promoting SDG-aligned trade and investments
East-West Bridge
IBEC promotes integration between member states and beyond, bridging East-West relations
IBEC promotes customers’ foreign trade and provides cash management services targeted to strengthen regional and country-level synergies
Innovations and
IBEC supports innovative, ‘green’ and socially responsible projects, ensuring sustainable and inclusive growth of member states’ economies
Background Background
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Beyond EU Sanctions
The restrictive measures established by EU Council Regulation No.833/2014 dated 31 July 2014 in view of Russia’s actions do not apply to IBEC’s financial operations in Russia and abroad.
long term
Negative/Stable outlook
The authorized capital
€400 mln
Including the paid-in portion of €200 mln
Member states
Republic of Bulgaria
EU Member
Fitch Ratings
GDP Growth (2020)
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
ASEAN Member
Fitch Ratings
GDP Growth (2020)
ACD Member
Fitch Ratings
GDP Growth (2020)
Republic of Poland
EU Member
Fitch Ratings
GDP Growth (2020)
Russian Federation
CIS and EAEU Member
Fitch Ratings
GDP Growth (2020)
EU Member
Fitch Ratings
GDP Growth (2020)
Slovak Republic
EU Member
Fitch Ratings
GDP Growth (2020)
Czech Republic
EU Member
Fitch Ratings
GDP Growth (2020)
Equality in Decision-Making: One Country – One Vote
IBEC was established in 1963 and operating under an Intergovernmental Agreement registered with the UN Secretariat under № 7388.
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International Bank for Economic Co-operation (IBEC)
is an international financial institution focused on facilitating economic growth and sustainable development of the Bank’s member states, promoting trade and economic integration and supporting interregional relations.
The main activities include support of trade-focused companies in the Bank’s member states, assistancein their expansion to new markets and participation in sustainable and Agenda 2030 projects.
The Bank provides target support for export and import operations in the Bank's member states by extending loans and participating in syndicated facilities.IBEC’s distinction from other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) is the mandate to provide direct cash management services to customers, including a comprehensive settlement function.
IBEC was established in 1963 under an Intergovernmental Agreement registered with the UN Secretariat under № 7388.
IBEC member countries are the Republic of Bulgaria, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mongolia, the Republic of Poland, the Russian Federation, Romania, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Read more
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