Establishing correspondent relations with the largest national commercial banks of the member countries, opening and maintaining accounts for banks, mutual opening and increasing limits in order to develop the IBEC's correspondent network and optimize bank settlements
In the interests of its clients, IBEC has an extensive correspondent network in various countries of the world, including in banks of the IBEC member states, which makes it possible to carry out settlement, credit and deposit operations and implement transactions related to trade financing without restrictions.
The main correspondent banks of the IBEC
Currency City Bank Account Number BIC SWIFT BIC
EUR Frankfurt/Main Deutsche Bundesbank 504 00 40938 MARKDEFF
Wien Raiffeisen Bank International AG 1-55.063.838 RZBAATWW
USD Wien Raiffeisen Bank International AG 70-55.063.838 RZBAATWW
Moscow State Development Corporation "VEB.RF"G 30111840306662011102 BFEARUMM
Moscow Sberbank of Russia 30111840900000000053 SABRRUMM
CHF Zurich Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd. 657000.00019 RKBZCHZZ
RUB Moscow Bank of Russia Main Branch for the Central Federal District 30101810145250000123 044525123
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