IBEC conducts treasury operations in the global markets and markets of member countries in the interests of the Bank, its clients and partners.
The Treasury team provides financing for IBEC projects, conservatively invests the Bank’s capital and liquidity in marketable fixed income assets, actively manages interest rates and foreign exchange risk, and provides expert knowledge on structuring the Bank’s loan projects.
Investments in bonds
IBEC invests in the bonds in order to support banks of the IBEC member states. Within the framework of its mission, as the development institute, IBEC pays special attention to green and social bonds investments contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Short-term debt obligations
IBEC works with short-term debt instruments in the financial markets of the member states and in the global markets.
Foreign exchange transactions and derivative financial instruments
IBEC offers a full range of foreign exchange transactions and transactions with financial derivatives.
Financial instruments with fixed income
IBEC provides interbank loans within the established limits and attracts interbank loans in major currencies, as well as carries out REPO transactions, foreign exchange forward and foreign exchange swaps.
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