A unique scientific complex is launched with the support from IBEC

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna has commissioned the first stage of the NICA complex. This is a superconducting accelerator that has no analogues in the world, which allows one to obtain a unique state of matter – quark-gluon plasma.Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin took part in the launch ceremony; he started the accelerator by pressing a symbolic button. “Today we are witnessing a unique event, the most important in the world of science,” –this is how the head of the Russian government assessed the status of the event.

International Bank for Economic Co-operation is taking part in this important research project as a financial partner. IBEC provided financing for the supply of equipment for the accelerator produced by the Polish research company Frako-Term. Thanks to the Bank's support, all contracts were executed on schedule, and the project was launched on time. All 8 IBEC member countries are the members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, on the site of which the project is being implemented, which makes the partnership between the Bank and JINR especially symbolic.

The NICA project has not only fundamentally scientific, but also applied significance. The results of the accelerator work will make it possible to implement a number of high-tech solutions in medicine, ecology, energy, and space exploration.


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