IBEC implements various options for interaction with financial institutions, including forfaiting transactions.
The redemption of the counterparty’s receivables is carried out subject to the availability of an appropriate limit for the counterparty to conduct transactions. The terms of the forfaiting operation are negotiated individually, depending on the terms and conditions of the main foreign trade transaction.
Product features
A special type of credit transaction (Forfaiting makes it possible to build a flexible payment schedule with a separately agreed grace period)
Risks are accepted by the financial institution (At the moment, the bank is ready to consider the buyout of receivables from financial institutions, taking into account the IBEC limit network)


Forfaiter takes all the risks
In case of implementation of a transaction to buy out receivables, further interaction with the debtor is carried out without the involvement of the seller of such debt
A typical tool for working with financial institutions in the trade finance market
The procedure for carrying out such operations is clear for all participants and is quite simple in processing
Terms of provision
Participation of a resident of the IBEC member country in the transaction
Conducting compliance procedures for the transaction for the parties of the transaction, incl. exporter and importer
Signing of the loan and collateral documentation
A limit set for the counterparty’s financial institution
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