Trade-related loan to finance a client’s export or import contract.
Trade-related loan can be used for making advance or regular payments under an import contract, as well as for pre-export financing of an exporting client. Provided as part of a general financing agreement with further execution of a SWIFT transaction. Loan repayment in a lump sum or in tranches. It is possible to apply a floating or fixed interest rate.
Product features


The use of letters of credit provides ample opportunities for the Bank to support and finance trade and foreign economic transactions of clients, incl. opening and payments under letters of credit within the framework of existing credit lines.
When opening a letter of credit IBEC, as an issuing bank, undertakes an obligation to make a payment in favor of the beneficiary / recipient of funds against the submission of documents stipulated by the terms of the letter of credit.
In addition to import letters of credit, IBEC can also carry out letters of credit on export operations of corporate clients, confirming letters of credit in their favor or providing discounting on them.
Focus on exporters and importers, as well as clients working with new counterparties.
Terms of provision
Participation of a resident of the IBEC member country in the transaction (as an exporter or importer).
Presence of an established limit for the borrowing bank (in case of no limit set, IBEC may carry out procedures to set the limit).
Conclusion of the General Agreement on Financing with IBEC.
Provision of a copy of the foreign trade contract for which financing is provided, as well as accompanying documents (depending on the terms of the transaction - copies of invoices, shipping documents, payment documents, if the target trade credit is provided to reimburse previously incurred costs).
Conducting compliance procedures for the transaction and the parties of the transaction, incl. on the exporter and importer.
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