The Bank's provision of long-term financing for the implementation of investment projects in the Bank's member states is an effective tool for creating new and modernization of existing production facilities. It also allows borrowers to create a basis for development in new markets or to expand the range of products.
Project financing is provided by the Bank in the form of a non-revolving credit line and involves the borrower's participation in the project with own funds of at least 20% of the project cost. The Bank has extensive experience in implementing project financing in pharmaceutical, agricultural and logistics industries.

On top of that, the Bank may provide a non-revolving line of credit also for the expansion of an already existing business in order to boost production and sales, make the production more environmentally friendly and resource efficient, and help the firm to expand into new markets. In these cases, client participation with its own funds is expected as well.
Product features
The main feature of IBEC project financing is a fully individual approach to structuring and subsequent management of the project, aimed at finding ways to reduce project risks for both the Bank and the borrower.

Target Clients

Small companies in need of additional production capacity
Medium-sized companies that have reached their growth limit and need capital to expand further
Large corporate clients that aspire to expand and diversify their operations


Competent analysis
The Bank’s analysts thoroughly study each project, identify strengths and weaknesses of the business plan and, at the initial stage, advise the Borrower on key issues related to project financing, as well as determine a need to attract experts from technical organizations
Reasonable requirements
In the course of processing the transaction, the Bank seeks to develop a flexible, but at the same time, reliable collateral structure that meets both the interests of the Bank and the interests of the borrower, as well as objectively determine the amount of the risk premium
Bank’s engagement
The Bank’s specialists regularly monitor progress of the project, promptly provide feedback and assist in finding the best ways to successfully complete the project
Terms of provision
Compliance of the project with IBEC mission and strategic objectives.
Loan term is up to 7 years. The Bank is ready to consider a longer term, subject to the provision of guarantees from other banks, or their participation in the transaction, the provision of ECA guarantees or state guarantees.
Confirmed participation of the borrower in the project with his own funds in the amount of 20% of the project costs or more. The Bank is ready to consider a larger or smaller volume of participation with a corresponding weakening or strengthening of the pledge collateral.
Pledge of assets arising during the implementation of the project and personal guarantee of the business owner. These conditions are the starting point for structuring the collateral for the transaction.
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