IBEC acts as a member of syndicates, as well as one of the lenders on terms of co-financing in favor of borrowers - financial institutions.
IBEC has accumulated significant experience of participating in syndicates for our partner banks from different countries. We are open to new offers from agents and potential borrowers to participate in new deals for financial institutions. The geography of IBEC participation can be very wide to support the economic activities of residents of the Bank's member countries.
Product features
IBEC acts as a member of syndicates, as well as one of the lenders on terms of co-financing in favor of borrowers - financial institutions.
Conformity to the IBEC mission (IBEC tranche / loan is issued to support foreign trade operations of the IBEC member countries, integration projects with the participation of residents of the IBEC member countries or local projects / transactions in the IBEC member countries)
Limits set on the borrowing bank (IBEC's tranche issue is carried out if there is a sufficient limit set for the borrowing bank. We are always open to new names, so we are ready to consider new limits on the borrower for a specific transaction)
Execution of documentation (In case of a syndicate, IBEC acts as one of the participants at the invitation of the organizer, while a single syndicated lending agreement is concluded between all lenders and the borrower. In case of co-financing, each lender enters into a separate loan agreement with the borrower)


Accumulating large amounts of borrowed funds
A syndicated loan / co-financing allows the borrower to accumulate a large amount of borrowed funds at a time on favorable terms, which are then used to support the borrowing bank's clients. As a result, a synergistic effect of raising funds from several lenders is achieved
Distribution of risk between participants
The creation of a pool of lenders allows each of them to determine the amount of risk that he is willing to take on the borrower
Participation of IFIs
The participation of the IFI as one of the lenders ensures an appropriate level of reliability and stability, and to a certain extent characterizes the borrower's positive reputation and risk assessment
Terms of provision
The main conditions for the provision of the loan are formed by the organizer of the syndicate or in joint discussion with potential co-financing participants. At the same time, IBEC pays special attention to the following aspects:
  • Conformity of the conditions for granting the tranche of IBEC to the tasks and mission of the Bank
    The Bank decides on participation based on the compliance of the terms of use of the IBEC tranche with the mission of the development bank and the implementation of the IBEC strategic objectives (support for the development of foreign trade of the IBEC member
  • A limit set for the borrowing bank
    IBEC may consider the setting of the limits both for banks in the IBEC member countries and for financial institutions in other countries
  • Terms
    From 1 year and depending on the parameters of the transaction, but no more than 15 years
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