IBEC undertakes factoring to optimize client cash flow and to reduce client receivables.
IBEC provides financing to the tune up to 100% of the delivery amount at the request of exporters or importers (suppliers and buyers) to optimize their cash flow and to reduce their receivables. Specific contracts with a low number of regular payments are also accepted for service.
Specifics of factoring
Use of various tools (with and without regression) for suppliers and buyers to quickly implement transactions and to obtain liquidity as well as attract customers
Availability of deferred payments for large suppliers


Unsecured financing in to the tune up to 100% of the delivery amount
IBEC accepts buyer and byuer’s bank risks
Covering the risk of non-payment on the part of the buyer/importer
The supplier receives a payment from IBEC before the buyer settles its obligations
The ability to increase the deferral for the buyer
Since the buyer after the expiration of the deferral period will settle its obligations directly to IBEC, the deferral period for the buyer under the contract may be extended upon agreement with the Bank
Terms of provision
Participation in IBEC member state's resident transaction (as an exporter or importer, supplier/buyer, etc.).
Provision of a copy of the contract/agreement under which the transaction is being implemented, as well as other related documents.
Signing of credit and security documentation.
Implementation of compliance procedures for the transaction and the participants of the transaction, including exporter and importer business profiles.
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