Due to specifics of the Banks` activities there is no need in the organizational structure with a complex hierarchy and a large staff, therefore each specialist, regardless of the position, is able to develop successfully not only within position or division, but also cross-functionally, implementing skills in the framework of the team and project work, gaining valuable experience in unique international organization.
Carreer Opportunities
You will be interested in the vacancies of our Bank in case you:
  • Consider уourself as a cosmopolitan, and you are interested in the development of Europe, Asia and the world globally.
  • Consider yourself as a banking professional with a deep knowledge of economic laws, realities, and practices.
  • Have a perfect reputation in the business sphere and maintain it.
  • Follow high ethical principles and business standards.
  • Have got effective communicative skills and able to interact with representatives of different countries, nationalities and beliefs, achieving agreements and common objectives.
  • Are open for new things – changes, environment, working technologies.
  • Are fluent in English.
  • Have got a working level of Russian - enough to interact with Russian-speaking colleagues.
Chief Specialist of Credit Department
    Duties and Accountabilities
  • Comprehensive analysis of loan applications of corporate clients (large, medium and small businesses on the territory of the IBEC member countries) within the framework of trade finance transactions, syndicated and direct lending:

    • analysis of the financial stability of borrowers, sponsors and guarantors under IFRS and RAS reporting; consolidation of the reporting of a group of companies;
    • analysis of the market environment: the main trends of the market and a specific industry, comparison with competitors;
    • analysis of the business plan, financial model and project documentation provided by the client;
    • preparation and stress testing of DCF models, calculation of indicators of investment attractiveness;
    • preliminary assessment of credit risks, preparation of conclusions and recommendations for structuring credit transactions in the form of a corresponding Credit Conclusion;
    • support of the position at the Credit Committee;
    • preparation and approval of credit documentation, formation and maintenance of customer credit files.
  • Monitoring of credit transactions:

    • monitoring the financial condition of borrowers, sponsors and guarantors, monitoring borrowers' compliance with the terms of loan agreements, monitoring the targeted use of funds;
    • preparation of recommendations based on monitoring results in order to prevent problem debts.
  • Participation in the preparation of internal and external reporting of the Department.
  • Ability to negotiate and manage business correspondence, build relationships with foreign and Russian counterparties.
    Selection Criteria
  • Higher education in finance and economics (leading universities of the member countries of the Bank or other states);
  • At least 5 years in the field of credit risk analysis, preferably as a credit analyst;
  • Experience with trade finance products, sound knowledge of documentary products and other forms of trade finance;
  • Knowledge of UCP 600 and relevant Russian legislation;
  • Experience in working with syndicated loans, knowledge of LMA standards;
  • Work experience in an international financial institution will be an advantage;
  • Work experience in the field of project analysis and credit transactions - at least 3 years;
  • Having a CFA certificate (Level 1 and higher) will be an advantage;
  • Oral and written English (C1 - upper intermediate and above);
  • Fluency in Russian verbally and in writing, including the ability to competently and structurally express thoughts and analytical conclusions in written Russian;
  • Confident user of MS Office and MS Outlook.
Chief Specialist of the User Support Division of IT Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Support of Automated Banking System (ABS) from "CFT-Bank" with reference to banking products in the following system modules: functional core module, cash desk, loans, deposits, cash settlement, interbank credit, obligatory reporting, securities, electronic archive;
  • Control and update of documents on the use and configuration of information systems and components;
  • Coordination of software development processes and maintenance of the ABS;
  • Development and revision of proposals, as well as implementation of projects for the implementation of information systems and technologies, automation of banking technological processes;
  • Management of projects for on integration of ABS "CFT-Bank" with DBO, payment systems, personal account and other information systems.
    Selection Criteria:
  • Higher technical education and / or education in Information Technology area;
  • Work experience of at least 5 years in Information Technology;
  • Work experience of at least 3 years in ABS support function;
  • Experience in the implementation of an ABS;
  • Specialized certificates (ex. MS SQL Server, CISCO or HP) would be an advantage;
  • Verbal and written English (B2 and higher);
  • Fluency in Russian (C1);
  • MS Office user at the expert level.
Head of the Methodology and Business Processes Division of the Strategic Planning and Analysis Department
    Duties and Accountabilities:
  • Mapping and analysis of the current business processes of the Bank in proactive interaction with its Divisions for their effectiveness and compliance with modern practices;
  • Preparation of proposals and roadmaps for optimizing business processes, including proposals for the most efficient use of the Bank's human resources;
  • Coordination and methodological support of Divisions in the development of regulations, instructions and other regulatory documents of the Bank in the framework of optimization of business processes;
  • Organization and coordination of the activities of the Bank's working groups related to the development, assessment and implementation of new products;
  • Management of other projects to improve the efficiency of the Bank's activities.
    Selection Criteria:
  • Higher financial and economic education (leading Universities of the member countries of the Bank or other states) with specialization in one or several preferred Disciplines:

    • Banking;
    • Economics and Finance;
    • Business Process Management;
    • Business and Organizational Management;
    • Strategic Marketing.
  • Banking experience for at least 10 years (in an international or state development bank);
  • At least 5 years of experience in the field of analysis, modeling and improving the efficiency of banking business processes;
  • At least 3 years of experience in preparing, agreeing and approving methodology related to Banking, Banking policies and / or processes;
  • At least 3 years of experience in Project Management (independently and as part of specialized working groups) in the field of improving the efficiency of banking activities;
  • It is obligatory to demonstrate examples of successfully completed projects to optimize Banking business processes and / or development of an approved relevant methodology;
  • Developed communication skills, the ability to negotiate with different stakeholders and the ability to constructively argue their point of view to external and internal partners are required;
  • Oral and written English (C1 and higher);
  • Fluency in Russian (the ability to express thoughts and analytical conclusions competently and in a structured manner in written Russian).
    Priority consideration of candidates with the following competencies:
  • MBA or PhD in one of the above listed Disciplines;
  • ARIS certification or other certification in the field of business process management;
  • Excellent knowledge of Excel, Word and PowerPoint;
  • Experience in the following areas:

    • Experience in implementation of IT solutions (CRM, ERP);
    • Experience in developing KPI systems and monitoring their implementation, especially related to reference tables for employees of the Bank's front-office Divisions and assessment of the effectiveness of their work;
    • Experience in strategic marketing projects related to the development, financial assessment and modeling of new banking products;
    • Experience in the development, presentation and implementation of traditional and alternative banking products and programs.
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