IBEC invests in stability

International Bank for Economic Co-operation is consistently implementing the mission to support the economic development of its member states. In the context of the global socio-economic turbulence caused by the coronavirus pandemic, such issues as government support for the population and business, monetary stimulus of economic activity, demand recovery, and financial markets support step forward.

On this background, IBEC maintained and expanded its presence in the debt markets of both its member states and its closest partners. Recently, the Bank took part in eight initial bond offerings. In most cases, IBEC orders exceeded the volumes of bond allocations. Among the investments made by the Bank are government bonds of Slovakia (participation volume of EUR 20 million), Romania (EUR 40 million), Hungary (EUR 7 million), the Republic of Belarus (300 million rubles), and corporate bonds of Russian and Czech companies. The total volume of investments made by IBEC during the pandemic amounted to about EUR 100 million.

Most of the purchased securities were included in the IBEC Development Portfolio. Taking into account stable liquidity indicators and a balanced portfolio management policy, IBEC intends to implement an effective investment policy aimed at implementing the strategic goals of the Bank – ensuring social and economic progress of its member states and contributing to sustainable development on a large scale.

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